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Assorted Crystals

Introduction to Crystals - 1 day Workshop 

Are you curious to learn more about crystals but are not sure where to start? Would you like to gain practical knowledge about crystals, their magical properties and healing benefits?

During this one day workshop, you will gain 'hands on' experience and knowledge on ways of working with crystals.

From this one day course, you will learn:-

·  Where crystals come from and how they are formed

·  How they work

·  Different ways to select your crystals

·  Using a pendulum for dowsing

·  Importance of Cleansing and Charging your crystals

·  Introduction to the Chakra System

·  Raising your vibration, connecting, grounding and protecting with crystals 

·  Crystals for self care and healing

·  Crystals for the home


No experience is required to join this workshop.

This course comes with a seven stone crystal chakra set that you have worked with during the workshop.

The cost for this course is £72 

This course can be taught in a private 121or small group.

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