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Hello, I am Rachael

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Firstly, welcome to my page, I hope you find it useful and that my energy and light resonates with you.

From a young age, I have been able to see orbs of coloured lights and have had a clear sense of 'knowing', although as a child, I didn't realise that these pretty lights were in fact angels. It was not until I attended psychic development classes much later in life that I had my 'ah ha' moment and realised what these lights actually were.


Consciously, I stepped onto my path back in 2004, when our then two year old daughter was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes. I knew, with every inch of my soul, healing would help her and it absolutely did. I can honestly say that from my first reiki attunement onwards, healing changed my life and my family's.

Through my husbands work commitments, my family and I have had the fortunate experience of living in Switzerland twice. First from 2002 - 2003 (where our daughter was born) and then 2012 - 2016. Before our return in 2016, I made a bold statement, I promised the angels that when I returned to England, would teach about them. Little did I know then that they would hold me to that promise.

Upon our return, I attended several psychic development circles to further develop my spiritual gifts and deepen my angelic connection.  Having a thirst for knowledge, I have since achieved numerous qualifications in teaching, hypnotherapy, sound healing, crystal healing, aromatherapy, reflexology, angelic reiki and many more. Becoming Angelic Reiki Master was a pivotal moment in my career and I truly believe it was through Angelic Reiki that led me to the path of Water Mastery™ and all what is to come.

Through my CMA accredited training school, 'Moonlight Rose School of Mastery', I now teach crystal healing and my own healing modality, called the 'Water Mastery Healing System'.


Water Mastery™, is a unique system that was energetically downloaded to me in 2020 by the great Mother Isis, Archangel Gabriel and Seraphim Barachiel.


As the ordained channel, I am proud to say that Water Mastery has been steadily growing and flowing around the world ever since. Water Mastery is now practiced by holistic therapists/healers in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, America, Italy and here in the UK.

Later this year will see the birthing of my 'Mother Mastery' healing system, followed by 'Moon Mastery'. I am most excited for these. With every beautiful soul I teach, I am able to help them recognise their unique healing, psychic and spiritual abilities and assist with their unlocking of their pure potential within. As a teacher and mentor, I'm passionate and dedicated to empowering everyone I work with to become the best version of themselves. It is an honour to help people recognise and embrace their light.

Where does the name Moonlight Rose come from?  As a Water servant, Moon Priestess, angelic channel and Keeper of the Moonlight Codes, I agreed prior to incarnating here on Earth, to anchor divine feminine moonlight codes into the crystalline grids each day. I have been doing this consciously through my daily gong practice and grounding for the past five years.  As a multidimensional star communicator, I tend connect to Moons in other star systems rather than Earth's Moon. As a past life Essene, within the Magdalene Order, the Rose is symbolic of Mary Magdalene who over-lights me. She is currently working with me on the development of my Mother Mastery healing system and I feel very blessed to have her by my side.


Ultimately, I am fully committed to being 'of service', to teach, and guide so we can bring healing, peace, balance and love to humanity so we can all to ascend. I shall do this until I take my last breath.

I am a member of the Angelic Reiki Association, an Accredited Training Provider and College Member of The Complementary Medical Association. 

Much love and light to you all.

Rachael xx

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