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Manifest your best life with positivity

Everything we manifest in life, the good, the bad and the ugly, all starts with a single thought. Your mind IS incredibly powerful. Where you are now is a result of your thought process and the energy you have projected.


Every thought (positive and negative) you put out into the Universe is heard, she is constantly listening. The key to manifesting is to make sure you are focussing what you want and not what you do not want. You must be conscious of your mindset. What you send out into the Universe is sent back to you tenfold, this is also the process of Law of Attraction. 


The Universe and everything in its existence is composed of energy and vibration. The Law of Attraction, which responds to energy and vibration, can be broken down into three laws - 'attracting', 'creating' and 'allowing'. The first two laws are relatively easy to achieve. The Universe supports what is asked and created. For creating, the intention must be to focus on the positive, which will then create more positive energy. 


The third law, 'allowing' is the most difficult law. This law is the absence of negative thoughts or vibrations, along with no doubt for what is being attracted. All doubt must be removed from the belief surrounding what is being attracted. 

Removing all doubt is the process of 'allowing'.


Think it, feel it, believe it, achieve it.


When you keep your mind and heart open to situations and opportunities, abundance will always come your way. 


If you think of a thought and want to erase it quickly say:-


By saying this, you will automatically transmute the negativity attached to the thought.

Become a Master Creator with
Daily Devotion

Abundance Exercise


To send the right energy out into the world, you must first paint a clear picture of what you desire for yourself. Regardless of the life and reality you are leading now, have a clear picture within your mind of the life you want to create. 


Step One

Write on a piece of paper a list of all the things you wish to attract.

You could start of by saying/writing: 
'I wish to attract these things into my life or something better'.

Only write down what you want, your vision and desires.

An ideal time to do this would be just before the New Moon phase.


Step Two

Make sacred space. 

Have an Aventurine crystal with you.

Take your focus to your heart centre and take several deep breaths.

Intentionally, see your heart chakra open (visualise a door opening).

Holding the Aventurine crystal to your heart, ask permission to work with the crystal and invite its energy into your heart space.


Looking at your list of wishes, transfer them (in consciousness) into the Aventurine. 

As you programme the crystal, see each wish being absorbed and embedded deep into the crystal. Once all of your wishes have been placed into the crystal, energetically, imagine the crystal being placed into your heart centre. Feel the vision of your desires within your heart. You may even see or feel a beautiful green energy surrounding your heart and filling your entire chest. Place your hands over your heart centre and give thanks for the abundance you are going to receive.


Now take your focus to your transpersonal fifth dimensional Stella Gateway chakra and see it open. This chakra is 1-2 feet above your head and intention is all you need for this to open.

Place your vision and wishes into your Stella Gateway Chakra. 

By placing the vision into your Stella Gateway, you are affirming that you are already abundant and not just working towards it.


Call in Archangel Raphael and Archangel Metatron on Most High and ask them to activate the crystal, your chakras and to align them with your vision, if it is for your highest good. Sit in their energy for ten - fifteen minutes whilst you affirm each of your wish and desires to them. 

Thank the Archangels and the Aventurine crystal for their assistance.


Step Three

Set a daily reminder to recall this image back to yourself to refresh your memory and energise your Heart and Stella Gateway chakras. No matter how challenging your daily life is, recall this vision back to you each day. 

Each night, before you go to sleep, hold the physical crystal and thank it for aligning you with all that is rightfully yours. Place the crystal under your pillow and allow abundance to flow to you.

Ask Archangel Raphael to keep your mind focussed and positive at all times.

Show your appreciation and gratitude to both Raphael on Most High and the crystal. 


Step Four

Let go, let God. Do not think about how your wishes are going to be achieved. Let the Angels work out when, what and how. 


Follow all these steps each day for one month then assess what changes have taken place. Manifesting does not always have to be financial, abundance comes in many forms.





Please say one or more daily: -

I constantly attract abundance

I behold the abundance that surrounds me

Money flows to me easily

I bring love and prosperity to all that I do

The more I give, the more I receive

I am at peace with having a lot of money

My life is abundant in all ways

I am a master creator

I am living my best life

Feng Shui Tip For Abundance 

Keep three gold coins under your front door mat to keep money coming in and passing over your threshold.

Crystals for Abundance 

Keep Aventurine, Citrine and Pyrite in your purse to keep money flowing to you.

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