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Energetic Protection

Whether you are aware of it or not, when you come into contact with another persons energy, that has dominate traits of negativity, their low vibrational energy can transfer onto you. When this happens, it can leave you feeling drained and emotionally exhausted. Without even realising it, a close loved one can pass their negativity energy onto you, just by recalling the events of their day.


Energetic protection is a psychic shield that protects your auric field from attracting low vibrational energies. When you are not energetically protected, you can become tired, drained, depressed and unmotivated. If your aura is weak or unprotected, you leave yourself open to psychic attacks, viruses, bacteria and parasites. All of these can lead to ill-health.

By incorporating simple grounding and protection techniques (as part of your daily spiritual practice) you will be able to protect yourself from these harmful situations. Without protection, you can absorb other people’s negative energy easily. Grounding is equally as important, as this will anchor you in the physical and will provide a shield from any negative energies that you may come into contact with.


I must also stress, that it is important to ground and protect yourself BEFORE you start to do any psychic, healing or spiritual work.

Here are some methods that can help protect your energy field: -

  • Ask Archangel Michael, Angel of Protection, to keep you safe.

    "Archangel Michael, please protect me, my family and my home. Keep us safe and out of harms way.  

    Please protect us from all lower vibrational energies, seen and unseen. Thank you"


  • Ask Archangel Michael to place his deep blue cloak of protection around you.

    "Archangel Michael, please place your deep blue cloak of protection around me and me safe. Thank you". 


    If it helps, visualise Archangel Michael placing a long, deep blue, hooded cloak around your body and over your head. The hood should cover your forehead in order to protect your third eye. Imagine him fastening the cloak from your feet all the way to your neck, so that only your face is left exposed.


  • Imagine a large clear glass dome (like a klosh) coming down over the top of your head and covering your entire body.

    Visualise the dome being buried firmly into the ground beneath your feet, so that you have an invisible barrier all around you. If there is another person who drains your energy, you can visualise a glass dome over them too, so that you are both protected.

  • Ask Archangel Raziel, Angel of Light and Spiritual Development to shield your light from darkness.

     'Archangel Raziel On Most High, please shield my light from darkness. Thank you'. This again will push away any negative energy.

  • There are lots of wonderful crystals that can provide protection. Here are some of the most popular ones:-

    • Tourmaline

    • Jet

    • Smoky Quartz

    • Labradorite

    • Black Onyx

    • Obsidian

    • Turquoise

    • Rainbow Moonstone

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