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Services & Tarif

Bespoke Healing           

£45 (60 minutes) 

Angelic Reiki Healing            

£40 (60 minutes) 

Crystal Healing         

£40 (60 minutes) 

Crystal Detox with Sound Healing

£45 (60 minutes) 

Guided Meditation

£30 (45 minutes) 

Mother & Baby Healing            

£40 (60 minutes) 

Violet Flame Clearing & Cleansing

£40 (60 minutes) 

Chakra Cleanse, Balance & Alignment          

£40 (60 minutes) 

Etheric Healing, Balance & Alignment          

£40 (60 minutes) 

Water Mastery Healing Session        

£45 (60 minutes) 

Water Mastery is a brand new high vibrational, multidimensional healing system that blends sonic sound healing and angelic energies together to formulate a unique and complete healing system.


Working with fluid transporting systems, organs, specific acupoints and pathways, the Water Mastery Healing System will restructure and enhance the quality of all the water molecules and crystalline structures of the body. Flushing and clearing the body of emotional and physical pollutants which inhibit the frequency of each cell, structure and system and cause dis-ease

Ascension Activation for Light Workers         

£45 (60 minutes) 

Sound Therapy      

£45 (60 minutes) 

Gong and Sound Bath           

£45 (60 minutes plus consultation time) 

Tuning Fork Therapy      

£45 (60 minutes) 

Group Sound Bath

Price on application

Angelic Reiki Levels 1&2 combined


Angelic Reiki Levels 3&4 combined


Water Mastery Accredited Practitioner Training


Crystal Healing Practitioner Training

price to be confirmed

Raise Your Crystal Vibration 1 day Workshop

£63 (without crystals) £88 (with a crystal chakra set)

Cancellation Policy

Please cancel any appointment within 24 hours to avoid incurring a cancellation charge

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