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Welcome to the home of Water Mastery™

Water Mastery Healing System is a high vibrational, multidimensional, angelic healing system that blends sonic sound healing with angelic frequencies to formulate a unique and complete healing system.

The aim of this system is to raise the vibrational frequency of all those who experience it, which in turn, will have a direct influence on humanity. It is the healing system that brings forth truth, freedom, love and forgiveness. It enables all recipients to embrace all aspects of themselves and to unite with the God/Goddess self. Water Mastery™ is internal and external alchemy.

Water Mastery is the Christ-Magdalene energy in its purest essence. The entire system is a way of bringing back the Christ-Magdalene energy to humanity. As more practitioners are attuned to the system, the Christ-Magdalene energy grows stronger.

Water Mastery Level One

The focus of Level One is to detoxify, enhance and restructure all water molecules and crystalline structures from all fluid transporting systems of the physical body. 


Spiritually, by invoking Seraphim Barachiel and the Silver Blue Dolphins, who are highly evolved light beings from Lakumay, practitioners dissolve negative energy and trauma, as well as flush, clear out, emotional and physical pollutants from the body that inhibit each cells frequency.  Working with the triple warmer meridian through sound and vibration, practitioners address heat distribution by rebalancing the energy of fire and water, masculine and feminine, yin and yang, to bring about homeostasis and wellbeing.

Included in this CMA accredited course is a training manual, two days teaching (either online or in-person), Neptune weighted tuning fork, sound energy chime bar, crystals and certificate.

If you are interested in learning Water Mastery™ and would like to ask more questions, why not schedule a free telephone or zoom call with me. 


During this quick call, you can ask me any questions about the Water Mastery Healing System. This opportunity will enable both of us to determine whether Water Mastery is a good fit. Click on the link below to arrange.

Water Mastery Level Twost

Where Level One is considered a ‘surface’ clean, Level Two is a much deeper dive into the darkness to release and heal suppressed emotional wounds at a Soul level.


Connecting to a specific multidimensional Moon within the Pleiadian Star System, and by introducing powerful transmuting energy tuning forks, healers will be able to purify and transmute the densest of energy within the four-body system of the recipient.


Water Mastery practitioners will continue to balance the energy of fire and water within the body, although additional emphasis will be placed upon the Solar Plexus and the Sacral. 


As representations of the Sun and the Moon, Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene will be stepping forward to assist with the alignment and harmonisation of internal Sun and Moon. It is the re-union of hearts, of the inner alchemical marriage between the Sun and the Moon, Fire and Water.


As sound and vibration are a key element of Water Mastery, included within this level is the application of Violet Flame tuning forks, a full body crystal layout and working with the Keeper of the Moon Flame, Ascended Master St. Germain and the Moon Queen.


Seraphim Barachiel will continue to over light all healing sessions and make an appearance when she feels it is necessary.

Entry requirements: Practitioners must hold the Level One Academic Achievement Certificate

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