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Water Mastery™
 CMA Accredited Practitioner Course

Level Two

Where Level One is considered a ‘surface’ clean, Level Two is a much deeper dive into the darkness to release and heal suppressed emotional wounds at a Soul level. 


Working along side the Pleiadians, who are the most wonderful soul healers, and connecting to a specific 12th dimensional Moon which holds the 'Moon Violet Flame', we are able to create energetic shifts which assist with the movement and even distribution of fluid and energy around the body.


Coming into resonance with Moon, Sun, Earth and Neptune, we are able to mimic the planetary activity to shift the water around the body to bring past, or present, emotional, and physical pollutants to the surface ready for transmuting.


By introducing Violet Flame tuning forks into the aura and chakras, we can energetically clear, remove, or alchemise, toxins, emotional pollutants or imbalances that are inhibiting the layers and frequency of the body. By restoring balance and harmony, we can elevate light levels, assist with spiritual progression and fulfilment of the soul’s purpose. 

St.Germain, the Keeper of the Moon Flame and the Moon Queen will be on hand to assist with this soul healing, to clear the recipient of old outdated beliefs, obsolete encoding, blocks to help them find forgiveness in their heart for themselves and others.


As representations of the Sun and the Moon, Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene will also be stepping forward to assist with the alignment and harmonisation of internal Sun and Moon. This alignment will lead to the path of Unity and Divine Love through the embrace of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. 

Here's a list of the outline subjects we cover in the course syllabus:-

  • The Sun, Moon, the Earth

  • The Law of Polarity

  • Fire and Water Energy

  • Divine Sun Energy

  • Divine Moon Energy

  • Christ Consciousness

  • Ascended Master Jesus, The Sun

  • Mary Magdalene, The Moon

  • Divine Union

  • Helios and Vesta

  • The Moon Phases

  • Planetary Influences

  • The Higher Light Realms

  • Pleiades Star Nation

  • Moon Violet Flame

  • Keeper of the Moon Flame 

  • Moon Queen

  • Silver Lunar Dragons

  • What is a Light Body

  • Crystals for Water Mastery

  • The Chakra System

  • Fight and Flight Response

  • The Vagus Nerve

  • Sound Healing

  • Healing Protocols

  • Grounding

  • Bubbling Spring Point

  • Case Studies

This healing system is to be taught over two days, where students will receive an angelic attunement from the Keeper of the Moon Flame St. Germain and the Moon Queen.  This course is suitable for anyone who has attended Level One training and holds an 'Academic of Achievement' certificate..

In person teaching will be in small groups of no more than four participants at a time.


For Online teaching, all lessons will be delivered via Zoom. See 'Events' for course dates and times depending. Time zones and locations will be taken into consideration. 


All equipment will be supplied within the cost of the course, which includes, training, detailed course manual, two unweighted violet flame forks and a full set of crystals. Investment for this course is £378.00 (plus post and packaging for online teaching).


A £50 deposit will be required to secure your place. Please click here to read cancellation policy.


Please email to enrol today.

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