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Archangel Michael

You might ask how is Archangel Michael is connected to the month of April? 

April is recognised around the world as Child Abuse Prevention Month.

We can assist Archangel Michael by protecting our children by raising awareness. 

Police Car Lights

Archangel Michael

Angel of Protection | South | Fire

Archangel Michael is probably one of the most well known Archangels. 


Did you know that he is the Patron Saint of Law Enforcement? As the Angel of Protection, Archangel Michael and his legion of blue ray angels, work with the military, paratroopers, police force, organisations, charities and any person who works to keep us ALL safe.

Michael on Most High sits on the First Ray of 'Will and Power' which carries the frequency of Leadership and Politics. Fighting for Truth, Love and Justice, he does not like corruption, lies or bullies.


He and his team of angels, work tirelessly to protect mankind from lower vibrational energies. Carrying his Sword of Truth in one hand and his protective Shield in the other, he is able to clear away fears that inhibit you from achieving your goals. 


Through the power of his sword, he is able to cut all cords/ties to any situation, place, person, emotion or event that no longer serves you, across all time frames, realities and dimensions. 


He will give you strength to stand up for yourself and not to give in to peer pressure.When you are lacking in self belief, he instills Faith and Trust. 


Quick Facts

Ascended Master El Moyra works closely with him to bring you strength and protection. Archangel Michaels Ethric Retreat is over Lake Louise in Banff, in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. 

His divine counterpart is Archangel Faith. 

His aura is Royal Blue with tinges of Purple.

For me, his associated crystal is Sodalite 



How can Archangel Michael help you?


Archangel Michael is disciplined and strong. He will encourage you to take good care of your mind and body. With strong organisational skills and focus, he will motivate you to complete the task without rushing. He will help you to think plans through carefully before acting. 


When you leave your home or go on holiday, you can ask Michael on Most High to place his blue ray angels at every window and door, in order to protect your home whilst you are away. 


Whenever there is a lightning storm or gale force winds, you can ask Michael to place a protective bubble of light around your home.


When travelling or going on a journey, you can ask him to clear the pathway ahead and to keep you safe from harm. (Deep Blue Dragons are also wonderful for this). 

When driving, he will place a protective bubble of light around your vehicle.


He will give you confidence to speak up, to use your voice to make a difference, so you can lead by example. 


When you feel vulnerable, worried or scared, you can call him in for protection.


As a very protective energy, he will inspire you to look out for others, especially children. 



Archangel Michael governs our throat chakra. If you have, or have had a sore throat, consider the reasons why?Is there something you need to say? Have you swallowed harsh words or anger? Have you not expressed your words with kindness?

You can call upon Archangel Michael whenever you have a sore throat or feel that your throat is blocked or out of balance.



Trust Invocation

Archangel Michael on Most High

Please help me to have faith.

To know that even on the darkest of days, there is always hope and light.

Help me to express myself with kindness and compassion.

Empower me to be the leader I was born to be, to be unafraid of judgement or fear.

Archangel Michael, I place my Faith and Trust in you and God.

And so it is.


Protection Invocation

Archangel Michael on Most High

Please come and be with me.

Please place your deep blue cloak of protection around me.

Please shield me from all harm and lower vibrational energies, seen and unseen.

Thank you for keeping me safe.






The crystal that resonates most (for me) with Archangel Michaels energy and frequency is, 'Sodalite'.



Sodalite is predominately blue with white distinctive vein like markings which is actually white calcite. Sodalite can also be found in gray, green, yellow, white and red.

Connected to the Third Eye and the element of Wind, it works with the mind.


The Benefits of Sodalite


For the overactive mind, it will work to soothe and calm the mind, helping you to think rationally.


Sodalite is particularly wonderful for children who feel 'unsafe or worried' at night time.

When their imaginations run wild and falling asleep can be an issue, place a piece of Sodalite under their pillow (or on their night stand) to give them a sense of protection. 

When they feel safe and calm, they will be able to fall asleep more easily. (Works for adults too!)


Just as Archangel Michael is able to sense all lower vibrational energies, Sodalite will sharpen your senses and heighten your intuition. As a stone of insight, it will give you the 'heads up' when something is not as it should be. 


Knowing you can lean on Archangel Michael to improve your organisational skills and focus, Sodalite's energy will create structure and provide discipline. It is a wonderful crystal to work with this new moon as it will help you to take action.


When used in meditation, it will help you to remember images, messages and symbols. It can help you to see and understand outdated patterning and encourage you to make changes.


As Archangel Michael works with us to speak our truth, Sodalite supports all aspects of communication. It will give you confidence to believe in yourself and to use the power of your voice to make a difference. Working with the mind, it will help you to overcome negative thinking and gives you mental clarity. 




On a physical level, it will support regulation of blood pressure, ease water retention and encourage cellular hydration. Regulation of blood sugars when related to diabetes. 

It will encourage you to take greater care of your physical self.



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