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Archangel Raguel 

How is Archangel Raguel is connected to the month of March? 

We already know that historically, during the month of March war commenced, but Archangel Raguel tells me that March is the month when peoples relationships often start to breakdown. 



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Archangel Raguel

Angel of Harmony and Justice
When spring in the air, we see signs pointing to the end of winter and the potential of everything blossoming again. During Spring, we adopt the mentality of ‘out with the old and in with the new’, this often includes relationships.
However, just because March seems to be a popular time for breakups, it doesn’t mean that all endings have to turn into an battle. Help is on hand from Archangel Raguel. 
Archangel Raguel, who's name means 'Friend of God', is in charge of a group of angels called the Principalities. These angels create order in your life. They are in charge of sacred sites, countries, cities, towns and some business. They work tirelessly to bring balance and fairness, especially where people are being treated unfairly. 
Raguel represents justice, fairness, peace and harmony.

When might you call upon Raguel on Most High?
You can call upon Archangel Raguel when you sense tension in the air, a frostiness that makes you feel uneasy. 

Working as a mediator, he will help you find a solution where everyone is happy. 
He will bring a
sense of calm, peace and order. Being non judgemental Raguel does not take sides. He sees both sides to an argument. 
With his love and energy, he brings fairness and understanding. He will encourage you to have compassion. Morally to take the high road with integrity - no matter what the other person has said or done. 
Raguel will give you strength and support, so you can feel empowered and respected.
He will show you how to have love, compassion and empathy towards yourself and others. When some relations end, he will help you to move on. 
He will help you to reclaim your peace and harmony within. 
You can also call upon him to work with neighbouring countries that are at war. He and his legions of angels will try and diffuse anger and hatred. 

Angel Invocation
Raguel on most high, please come and be with me.
Help me to dissolve tension, anger, frustration and any animosity that surrounds me. 
Please bring me harmony and to find a peaceful resolution. 
Help me to have understanding; to see all sides of the argument. 
I wish to live in peace and move forwards.
Thank you


Prairie Tanzanite

Balance, Harmony and Peace


If Archangel Raguels energy was to be placed into a crystal it would be Prairie Tranzanite. 


Prairie Tanzanite will support you during any challenging situation. 

As a nurturing stone, it will calm your nerves and ease anxiety. It will emotionally balance you. 

Don't be fooled by its soft appearance and nurturing energy, as it will get you to look deep within yourself - so you can admit your true feelings. 


When your emotions are out of control and you feel frustrated, angry or even jealous, Prairie Tanzanite will protect the heart whilst you release these feelings and emotional wounds. 


If you're susceptible to mood swings or suffer with PMT, it will work to stabilise your mood. It'll help you to voice how you are feeling in a thoughtful way, without expressing anger.


If you are struggling with negative thoughts and your mind is foggy, it can assist with clear thinking by working to improve your mindset. Encouraging you to think more positively and to focus on the good.


When embroiled in a difficult situation, it will help you to see things from a higher perspective, to see both sides of an argument. No matter what has been said or done, it will encourage you to have a sense of compassion regarding the situation and person. 


It will enable you to move on without holding a grudge. Within this beautiful crystal is the element of forgiveness.


Crystal Programming

To program any crystal, make sure it is cleansed first to release existing and old energies. 

Once cleansed, hold it to your heart and talk to it. Be clear and precise about what it is you want it to do. 

Sit with its energy and state your intention/desire for a minimum of 5 minutes. The effort will be worth the time. 

Always remember to say thank you. 

Keep working with the crystal until it has helped you achieve your wish.


Upset Stomach


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It is useful to make sacred space before you commence any spiritual work. 

Ensure you are grounded and protected before you invoke any angelic assistance.


Please confirm that you wish to be connected to the frequency of 

'Unconditional Love' .


Focus on your breath for a few rounds, bringing peace and calm to your mind. 

Either aloud or within, read the invocation below. 

Please sit within Raguels energy for 10-15 minutes or more.

Be open to the guidance you receive and trust that healing is taking place. 

For deep seated pain, it make take several sessions before you notice a difference. When you have finished, be sure to drink lots of water to aid the releasing of emotional and physical toxins.


Angel Invocation

Raguel on Most High please come and be with me.

Come in Raguel on Most High.

Please help me to understand the root cause of my pain.

Help me to dissolve and resolve any inner conflict that I am holding onto.

Support me whilst I let go of anything or anyone that no longer serves me, or that may be connected to the discomfort I am experiencing.

Please fill my body with love, peace and harmony.

Show me how I can have a better relationship with myself and others.

I give you my complete permission to enter my energy field and to give me the healing that I am in need of.


Thank you Raguel on Most High for your presence, love and healing.

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