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Archangel Raphael

Did you know that Archangel Raphael is connected to the month of May? 


May is mental health awareness month. 

Anxiety is a powerful emotion and one of the most common mental health problems we have in todays society. During this months newsletter, you will learn how
Archangel Raphael can help you manage your anxiety and cope in challenging situation.


Archangel Raphael

Master Healing Angel | Angel of the East | Air | Mind

Archangel Raphael works with all aspects of the mind; to bring healing, clarity, harmony, insight and peace. He will help you to see all situations more clearly and take the stress out of every day problems. There is no need to worry when Archangel Raphael is around.



Often depicted holding a crystal caduceus, he is connected to health and healing. The caduceus interestingly, was first used in the 16th Century as a medical emblem and is still used today.


On the physical plane, he works with anyone within the medical profession. From Doctors, nurses, veterinarians, dentists, midwives, optometrists, pharmacists, carers, holistic health therapist to researchers and scientists. 


On the inner planes, his legion of angels are master surgeons, capable of healing us at a cellular level.


As Patron Saint of the Blind, he works to support our physical and spiritual sight. Through him, we receive our pineal gland activations which assists with our ascension process and enables us to hold more light within. The pineal gland produces melatonin which helps us to maintain circadian rhythms and regulate reproductive hormones.


Archangel Raphael was the very first Angel I saw back in 2016. He was not a 'winged' being as expected, but rather a translucent emerald green man standing peacefully at the end of my bed. I shall cherish this visitation for ever. 


When Raphael comes through for me now, he presents himself as an antiseptic smell, 'Germolene'. I find it very reassuring when he is around. He is an angel of few words as he likes to get the 'job done'. 


Quick Facts

Etheric retreat is in Fatima, Portugal

Crystal is Aventurine (others say Emerald)

He governs the Third Eye and the Third Eye of the Planet

Divine Counterpart is Angel Mary

Governs the 5th Ray, Sciences including medicine and psychology.

Day is Wednesday

Colour is Green


How can Archangel Raphael help you?

Raphael On Most High can motivate you to make healthier choices that are good for your mind and body. He will steer you away from food and drinks that are unhealthy. When embarking on a diet, he is your 'go to' angel to keep you on course.


You can ask him to enter your mind and calm your thoughts when your mind is overactive. He will help you to see situations more clearly and to think positively. 


When you are feeling anxious, emotional or sensitive, Raphael will make you feel peaceful and calm. He will give you the confidence to cope in challenging or difficult situations. 


He will encourage you to take deep breaths when you are feeling stressed and unconsciously holding your breath. He will breathe new life into your being. He will soothe your nervous system. When you hum, chant or sing to yourself, it creates a vibration that is able to soothe your nervous system. 


When you are run down, tired, unwell or recovering from an operation, he and his team of healing angels, will help you to recover assisting with cell regeneration.


When you are feeling a lacking, work with him to bring you abundance, new opportunities and ideas that will support the lifestyle you deserve.


Angel Invocation

Raphael on Most High, please come and be with me.

Please refresh my mind when it is tired, foggy and cluttered.

Help me to see all situations clearly from the point of love.

When I am restless, anxious and unable to sleep, please calm and soothe my mind. 

When I am unwell, please breathe new life into me.

Enlighten me, so I can make healthier choices that are good for my mind, body and soul.

Thank you for bringing abundance to all areas of my life.

And so it is. 


Please note that the information has been channeled to Rachael from Archangel Raphael. 

Always apply disconcertment. 





Connected to the heart and the element of Water and Earth, Aventurine provides emotional and physical healing.


As May 'Mental Health Awareness Month', Aventurine is a great crystal to work with for calming the overactive mind and soothing the nervous system. 


As a heart centred stone, when feeling the emotions of the world and situations around you, it will give you a sense of hope and happiness. 


Much like Raphael on Most High, it will give you confidence to cope with challenging situations and provide a sense of control and stability when you feel overwhelmed. 


If you are prone to anxiety, depression, low negative thoughts and emotions, Aventurine will work to dissolve these low vibrational energies.

Decluttering the mind of unwanted thoughts, it will help you to see situations more clearly and bring you a sense of peace.


When you feel tired and unwell, it will elevate your light body and energy to make you feel better. It will speed up the body's natural healing abilities so you can repair and recover quickly.


Green Aventurine loves to work with infants and young children. It will help them to grow as they should.


As a good luck stone, it brings abundance, growth and vitality.


Sleeping in Green Sheets


Aventurine is wonderful to work with overnight as it will release its healing powers whilst you sleep. However, as with any crystal, you must first tell it what you need in order for it to help you. 


Night Time Programme Suggestion: -


Holding the crystal close to your heart, take a deep breath in.

Set the intention to open your heart chakra. 

You can visualise a door opening or a flower unfurling its petals.

Invite the energy of the Aventurine into your heart space.

Give love, thanks and appreciation for the energy that the stone is sharing with you.

Draw the energy of the crystal into your body.


Say within,

'I call upon the Aventurine Crystal Angel and Raphael on Most High to come and be with me.

Whilst I sleep, please give me the healing that I am in need of.

Please clear my mind of unwanted and negative thoughts.

Transmute all lower vibrational energies that may be making me feel unwell or tired.

Please soothe and comfort me when I am restless or anxious. 

I wish to feel peaceful inside and wake feeling refreshed and energised in the morning.

Thank you'.

Allow yourself to be bathed in vibrant green energy and enjoy the connection. 

Pay attention to your dreams and notice how you feel in the morning upon waking.

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