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Archangel Uriel 

Did you know that Archangel Uriel is connected to the month of January?

I always think of January as rather bleak, as its the coldest month of the year (here in the Northern Hemisphere), but within the darkest of months, we can still find our silver linings. 

The New Year means we have a chance to wipe the slate clean and start a fresh.

We can begin to plan, dream and manifest.

Archangel Uriel is the perfect angel to help you navigate January.

Cup of Tea


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Archangel Uriel

Angel of Peace | Wisdom | Teaching and Knowledge 

'Uriel On Most High' is connected to the element of Earth and the direction of the North. His name means ‘Light of God’ and his energy is Ruby Red. He is of the Ruby Ray.


The Ruby Ray, of Peace and Devotion, is made up of purple, red, blue and gold. Uriel works to dissolve lower frequencies and his work corresponds to the Solar Plexus.


Also known as the 'Regent of the Sun', Uriel will be your guiding light and will support you along your journey. If you are lost, or not sure of the right direction to go in, he will light the way so that you're not fumbling in the dark and give you the courage to overcome whatever personal challenges you are facing.


How can Archangel Uriel help you? 


You can work with Uriel during the New Moon Lunar phase. During this moon phase, Uriel can assist you with the sowing new ideas. He will hold and protect you whilst you explore the emotions of your heart and enable you to see the darker parts of yourself, your fears, the parts of yourself you don’t wish to acknowledge. He will keep safe you and grounded whilst you explore.

Remember, he would never guide you along an uncertain path without good reason.


Uriel will help you find the answers you seek and is brilliant for giving you new ideas. Like flash of inspiration, he'll give you a light bulb moment and inspiration will come. Giving you insights, Uriel will help you to trust your intuition.

If you're studying for an exam and need to remember the answers, Uriel can help you.


Uriel and his twin Aurora, share an Etheric retreat in the Tatra Mountain in Poland. Together they keep the Flame of Peace for Mankind.


Before you go to sleep, you can request to visit their etheric retreat during your sleep state. Here, they will work upon your solar plexus to remove fears and lower vibrations. They will boost your power, confidence and give you courage - whilst giving you a great sense of inner peace. 


On a physical level, you will know if this has taken place as you may wake with a sensation in your tummy, possibly a slight tummy ache or an urge to visit 'bathroom', to release the toxins.


Each morning, when you embrace the new day, turn to the direction of the North and welcome Uriel on Most High into your day.

Place your hands on your solar plexus and take a deep breath there. 

Imagine the suns rays entering your tummy and giving you personal power. 

Ask Uriel to guide you through the day.


Angel Invocation

Uriel on Most High, please come and be with me.

Please illuminate my day and my way.

Help me to see things more clearly and to find the answers I seek.

I ask for courage and to release my fears.

Please be my guiding light and lead me to a place of safety within.

Thank you for your love and hearing my prayers.

And so it is. 


Please note that the information has been channeled to Rachael from Archangel Uriel. 

Always apply disconcertment.

Crystal of the Month - January

Red Jasper


Given what we have just read about Archangel Uriel and his connection to Red Jasper, let us now explore its wonderful healing properties.


As a bleak winter can make you feel uninspired and 'down', Red Jasper will work to re-activate your enthusiasm for life. It can help you maintain balance and emotional stability during challenging times. Can you see why Red Jasper is the perfect crystal to work with for the month of January!?


If you need inspiration and formulate new ideas, Red Jasper is your 'go to'. 

A stone of endurance, it will help you to keep going, to give you stamina - especially when you're struggling to find the right direction or are facing challenges. 

It's good for manifesting and creative ideas.


It is said, that if you keep it in the car it will help to prevent accidents, theft or road- rage. It is both grounding and protective - much like Archangel Uriel.


For wanna be 'Parents', if you're having trouble conceiving, this stone can increase libido and fertility. It is believed to help stabilise pregnancies and promote robust fetal growth, and to facilitate safe childbirth. 


For children who feel vulnerable, emotional or perhaps are being bullied or teased at school this stone will help. Often when a child doesn't want to go to school for whatever reason, they say their 'tummy' hurts. If there are no other visible signs of sickness (ie temperature), often its their solar plexus, 'fear' talking to them - except they don't understand this concept, they just know they don't 'feel right' and want to avoid certain situations. Red Jasper will give them courage and strength to keep going and to be less afraid. 

Being mindful of the age, pop the crystal into their school bag or pencil case and it will work to keep them safe and feel better. 

Even better, slip one into their pillow case and let it work its magic overnight.


One of the brilliant things crystals can do is 'speed things up'. So if you are on a health kick journey, Red Jasper should be kept with you 24/7. 

Supporting your circulatory and respiratory systems, it will enhance the effects of exercise. 


If you have been unwell over the festive period, as many people have, it will help you to recover and regain your strength, particularly if you have been left feeling 'weak'. 

Popping it under your pillow works well.


Strongly connected to the Earth, it is widely used on the Root chakra, although in truth, ANY crystal can be placed upon ANY Chakra or part of the body. For the purpose of connecting to Archangel Uriel, you can work with this crystal on your solar plexus.


Can you see how its energy is similar to Archangel Uriels!?


Here's a helpful tip!

In addition to working with Red Jasper to help 'speed up' the effects of exercise, if you're wanting to detox from alcohol and sugar, then Amethyst will help you cope with withdrawal symptoms. Adding Clear Quartz will strengthen and amplify the intention and energy making it a strong trio to work with.

Remember, you'll need to program the crystal and tell it what you want it to do before you start working with it. 


Crystal Programming

To program any crystal, make sure it is cleansed first to release existing and old energies. 

Once cleansed, hold it to your heart and talk to it. Be clear and precise about what it is you want it to do. 

Sit with its energy and state your intention/desire for a minimum of 5 minutes. The effort will be worth the time. 

Always remember to say thank you. 

Keep working with the crystal until it has helped you achieve your wish.


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