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The Full Story

Seraphim Bhokpi

Why might we be connecting to Seraphim Bhokpi for the month of June?


June is the month when baby birds reach the fledgling stage and are ready to leave the nest. During June, baby birds learn how to fly, how to fine tune their feeding skills and develop their awareness.


Seraphim Bhokpi can help us deal with change and challenging situations.


Seraphim Bhokpi

Angel of Birds 


Bhokpi, On Most High is not a regular angel, he is a Seraphim. The Seraphim are the highest order of angels closest to the Godhead/Source. Now that the frequency of Earth is on the rise, the Seraphim are able to step forward and communicate with us. The Seraphim are helping us to transition to the new Golden Age.*


Seraphim Bhokpi is the Angel of Birds. His energy is felt, seen and heard everywhere on this planet.  Unlike Archangels, Seraphim Bhokpi does not have a specific etheric retreat over Earth, nor is he associated with a single colour as he can become any colour he

How can Seraphim Bhokpi help you?

To understand Seraphim Bhokpi is to understand the nature of birds. 

Birds are agile, they have fantastic co-ordination, balance and strength. They can move at great speeds, never tire and swiftly change direction. From a higher viewpoint, they can see all danger, routes and situations clearly where others cannot. They move with the currents and not against.


When you are about to face upheaval or change of any kind, Seraphim Bhokpi will help you to see through the chaos and to move forwards. Not that you can forget the past, but he will help you to adjust to your new surroundings without looking back.


As birds remind us to stop and listen, Bhokpi will encourage you to listen to your own intuition and to consider the bigger picture. When you are able to view all situations from a higher perspective, you can see all risk, routes and opportunities. You can plan your move without putting yourself in danger.


Bhokpi on Most High is able to energetically remove all obstacles that may be stopping you from achieving your goals. He will give you confidence to be adventurous and to step out of your comfort zone.


When you feel uncomfortable or nervous about making any kind of change, whether it is moving home, jobs (classes or schools for children) or going on holiday, Seraphim Bhokpi will help you to adjust to your new surroundings and give you hope of a brighter tomorrow. He will remind you that you are not alone and that you can adjust to changes. If you feel lost or alone, he will help you find your tribe. Always look beyond the horizon and to know that there is always new land to explore within.


If you have a fear of heights or flying, Bhokpi on Most High will keep you safe.


Angel Invocation

Bhokpi on Most High, please come and be with me.

Come be with me Bhokpi on Most High.

When I am lost, please point me in the right direction. 

Help me to prepare and cope with any changes I am facing.

Enable me to see the bigger picture and to find a solution to my problem. 

Please give me confidence to step out of comfort zone,

to adjust to my new surroundings.

Thank you for always listening and guiding me.

I am ready to spread my wings and soar!

And so it is. 



New and exciting opportunities are waiting for me

I am adventurous

My future is exciting

I am ready to soar

I am open-minded and ready to explore new avenues to success

I trust my own intuition

All is well  


Please note that the information has been channeled to Rachael from Seraphim Bhokpi

Always apply disconcertment.  





The crystal most associated (for me) with Seraphim Bhokpi is 'Bowenite'. 


Bowenite (sometimes referred to as New Jade) is known to protect you from lower vibrational energies, harm and enemy patterning. When old friendships have broken down or have served their purpose, Bowenite will help you to form new friendships/relationships with likeminded people. Working with the heart, it will assist in the alleviating of emotional pain when there has been a breakdown within a relationship or friendship.


Working to heighten your intuition and senses, it will enable you to sense, see and know when something does not feel right to you. It is an excellent stone for problem solving and seeing the bigger picture (just as Seraphim Bhokpi can help you). 


If you feel nervous or upset about any forthcoming moves or changes, this crystal will help you to move forwards without the need to look back, have regret or have an attachment to the past. It will help you make a clean break from past traumas and or environments.


If you have a fear of heights or flying work with Bowenite, as it will give you the confidence to step beyond your boundaries and seek new adventures with ease. It will help you to be more decisive when considering which pathway to take. It will guide you in the right direction.


When placed beneath your pillow at bedtime, it will calm the mind both mentally and physically. Giving you clear thinking and mental clarity, Bowenite will help you to see all that is happening around you from a birds eye view.


With a a strong connection to the heart, it is a stone of abundance and wealth.


Above all, it helps you to adjust to change.


Remember, when you work with Bowenite, you are working with the energy of Seraphim Bhokpi.



Feathered Messengers

The study of birds is called 'Ornithology'.


Legends, folklore and mythology have long been filled with our divine winged messengers as they are one of the most ancient forms of life upon the planet. Each bird has its own characteristic/qualities and are able to help us navigate life. They are the ultimate symbol of transcendence. Through their song and their ability to rise above earthy challenges, they symbolise spiritual growth and offer us their knowledge and teachings. 

Whether we see them during meditation, dreamtime or physically, birds act as divine messengers informing us that the Angels have an important message for us.Through them, we are able to receive the Christ Light. 


I would like to begin by sharing a story of my first encounter with these divine feathered messengers. In 2016, I had a vivid dream that I still remember so well. I dreamt that I was writing on a cream envelope with red ink. I wrote the words 'Red Cardinal'. Upon waking, I looked up the spiritual meaning of a Red Cardinal bird and its relevant message that was intended for me at that time... 'significant personal transformation, progress, and movement into higher levels of consciousness'. Even if I say so myself, never a truer message has been given. To this day, I am grateful for all the messages I receive during my dreamtime.


Now, you could ask why I did not 'see' an image of a Red Cardinal and only wrote the name? Truth is, I wouldn't have known what one looked like and this was the easiest method for my divine guides to get my attention. 


Always pay attention to what birds appear before you as they are here to support and offer great insights.


Over the years, I have had many encounters with birds although most are seen during my dreamtime or 1-2-1 client healing sessions. Birds have long had a deep connection god/goddess energy and I always aware of when certain energies are with me because of the images of birds they place within my minds eye. For example, when the Goddess Isis appears to me she uses Red Kites as a representation of her energy. Master Jesus is represented by a pure white Dove. Mary Magdalene is also represented by the Dove although I see her energy as a mixture of pale pink, white and soft muted brown. The energy of the Dove brings peace, forgiveness and hope of reconciliation. The Dove totem and Master Jesus works with us to find forgiveness in our hearts for ourselves and others.


Many of us have seen and felt the energy of the majestic Eagle within our visions and dreams. The sacred Eagle, which is considered one of the highest divine feathered messengers, brings the message that you can expect change to come your way - ascension. The Eagle will ask you to focus on your inner strength whilst renewal takes place. The Eagle is the symbol for the soul, the spirit, healing, creation and soaring to new heights.


Crows carry a protective energy and the understand the secrets of magic.

Egrets carry the energy of purity, clarity and simplicity and have a connection to Gods and the Goddess of Wisdom.

The Goldfinch is a seen as a symbol as the Resurrection of Christ and carry the Christ consciousness. Awakening to the nature spirits.

Doves are the Holy Spirit, Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

Robins are a sign that loved ones in heaven are with us. Also the need to sing your own song if you wish for new growth.

Blackbirds ask you to connect with Mother Earth to ground. They bring messages to expect change, to find your voice and to speak your truth. 

Owl represents silent wisdom and vision. A symbol of the feminine, the moon and the night. Access your higher wisdom.

Parrots - ask you to bring more colour into your life and connect to Father Sun.

Peacock - represents resurrection, remembering who you are. It is connected to the All Seeing Eye of Horus, new beginnings and spiritual awakening.

Pigeon, return to love and the security of your home. Draw love back to you. If you are lost, they will help you find your way home. If you are going through a turbulent time, seek out the comfort of your family. They also represent fertility.

Raven - represents magic, shapeshifting and creation. Rebirth, beginnings and endings. Stillness, reflection, healing and transformation. Going into the darkness to find your true light. Success. 

Woodpecker, connect to the heartbeat of life and follow your own rhythm. They bring opportunities and creativity.

Sparrow - self worth, self love. To lead a simple life.

Stork - Birthing something new.


Which ever bird you see, always thank it for its message and act upon its guidance. The message is always given with love.



Always apply your own understanding of what species means to you.

Pay attention to your dreams and notice how you feel in the morning upon waking.

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